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Greater Manchester Moving is a charity changing lives through movement, physical activity, and sport.

We’re one of 43 Active Partnerships across the country supporting the local implementation of Sport England’s strategy, Uniting the Movement to get Greater Manchester Moving.

We lead, support, and connect people and partners across the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester to deliver the GM Moving in Action strategy, movement for movement, working collaboratively to design more movement into everyday life and support our residents to live well and stay healthy for longer.
With over 1.3 million people currently employed across the City Region, and with employees estimated to spend 60% of their waking hours working, employers play a crucial role in supporting the health and wellbeing of employees.

We’d love your support to increase activity levels whilst they do, and create a workplace culture where moving more is supported and enabled to become part of everyone’s life.


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Creating an active workplace

Whether your staff work from home or in an office – may start with just a few simple changes to daily routines.

All activity should be tailored to individuals and consideration given to their respective needs but the results can be immediate, and hugely significant.

This toolkit has been designed to provide employers like you, with ideas and suggestions to enable more activity within the working day, as well as supporting wider health and wellbeing plans.