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Sunflower Childcare Group

Sunflower Childcare Group and Tameside Council

Becoming a more active workplace has brought Sunflower Childcare Group together as a stronger team, boosted morale and given all their staff, no matter their age, size, or ability, something they can do together.

Staff have introduced yoga sessions in staff meetings and ten minute fitness sessions in every team meeting but in a fun, light-hearted way so it involves everyone, especially staff who are less active. This has since grown into Wellbeing Wednesdays.

Read more about their partnership with Tameside Council đź”—


Why having an Active Workplace is so important to HSBC

One Greater Manchester business fully embracing an active workplace is HSBC. Understanding the value of physical activity in the working day, the team adopted a workplace Daily Mile.

Already hugely successful in our region’s primary schools, The Daily Mile™ simply involves including a 15-minute walk or wheel as part of the day.

HSBC was the first workplace to adopt The Daily Mile in Greater Manchester and are continuing to promote movement every lunchtime. Staff are walking or wheeling a mile (or, for about 15 minutes) during their lunch break, ideally every day.

The Daily Mile is a concept that Sam Roden, Area Director for Business Banking, was keen to bring into the workplace: “There are loads of benefits of doing The Daily Mile,” he says.

“Feeling re-energised after lunchtime is the main thing: people are more productive if they have a break from the daily grind of work. But, there are also many other benefits, such as increasing staff engagement and morale.”


Sustainable travel planning for a multi-site operator

Stagecoach worked with Transport for Greater Manchester’s (TfGM) Travel Choices team to develop a multi-site travel plan which promoted commuter cycling for staff across three of its depots.

Shift work and the need for staff, especially drivers, to travel outside normal bus operating hours led to high car use and strong demand on the limited parking spaces available.

Using a Sustainable Travel Grant, improved cycle parking has been installed, with loan bikes and on-site training arranged for Stagecoach Manchester’s 2,300 staff.

And with a network of travel champions at each site, Stagecoach is able to disseminate travel information and organise co-ordinated events.

Andrew Howard-Smith, Stagecoach’s marketing assistant, explained: “We are particularly keen to promote cycling to our depots, as this offers the necessary degree of flexibility to cope with shift times, will improve the health of the workforce, and save them money.”

Transport for Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Travel Planning

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) is one of the most efficient fire and rescue services in the country.

With bold ambitions to lower its environmental impact and improve community relationships, GMFRS approached Transport for Greater Manchester’s (TfGM) Travel Choices for support, and has since received a Sustainable Travel Grant for bike maintenance stands at 15 of its fire stations.

The free-to-use bicycle repair stands installed at fire stations across Greater Manchester will allow the public, local cycle-commuters and fire fighters to fix punctures and carry out minor repairs.

Commenting on GMFRS’ motivations, Sam Pickles, Environment Manager, said: “We have one of the best take-up rates for the Cycle-to-Work Scheme in the public sector and we go out of our way to ensure our staff can travel to work by bike – it’s wonderful to be able to help our local communities enjoy this sustainable form of transport too.”

“By working with TfGM’s Travel Choices experts we hope to be able to have long term benefits, from reducing our carbon footprint, to improving the health and wellbeing of GMFRS staff and the people who live in the communities in which we serve.”

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue

Initiatives in their Sustainable Travel Action plan also being delivered include:

  • Hosting adult cycle training and maintenance classes for staff and the public
  • Bike maintenance sessions which provide a free health check and on-the-spot repairs
  • Staff events and promotions to raise awareness of travel options to the sites.

Since working with TfGM, GMFRS has made its fire stations more accessible by sustainable modes of transport and has seen an increase in the number of employees cycling to work.


DWP Jobcentres getting active after Champion Training

An Active Workplace Workshops for 27 members of DWP Jobcentre Plus staff from across Greater Manchester supported them to move more during their working day.

Working in a Jobcentre Plus site is a mainly sedentary role and employees identified this as a risk to their health and wellbeing at work. Sedentary roles can have a significant effect on your wellbeing.

The workshop covered areas such as how to engage their colleagues in activity, the barriers to activity and how to overcome them as well as signposting to local support and activities which DWP staff could get involved in.

Eight weeks after the workshop the feedback from the attendees has been fantastic and here are just a few of the initiatives that have been started across Greater Manchester:

  • Employees from Worsley completed a ‘Where in the World Challenge’ counting the total number of steps of staff who wished to participate. The challenge acted as a kick start and the majority of staff have continued to walk more and regular walks have now been set up.
  • Didsbury and Stockport have also organised walks. Stockport went on a guided ghost walk around the town centre after work. Didsbury have had a great response to walking group which also highlighted how poor some colleagues fitness levels were and inspired them to set up running groups at home.
  • The Wigan office successfully applied for funding for their own table tennis table and have cleared a spare room in their building to allow themselves time away from their desks.

For more information about Active Workplace Workshops and who can help with these contact Claire [email protected].